Hoteles en Cancun

The city of merida was founded on january 6th, 1542 by francisco of montejo “el mozo” on the ruins of the old mayan city of ichcanziho, which by its beautiful temples with stones carved caused recalled to the merida of spain. From there the name of this beautiful one “ciudad blanca” as the locals call it.

The “plaza grande” as is known by the locals, which official name of this place is plaza of the independence which was given a 15 of september of 1892.

The cathedral of merida dedicated to san idelfonso was the first one built in the american continent it was finished at the ends of xvi century (1593) and has the particularity to harbor al christ but large of the world low ceiling.

The house of montejo, residence of “el mozo” was built between the years 1541 to 1543

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