Isla Mujeres Sea Life Discovery Plus

Isla Mujeres-Sea Life Discovery Plus

The interactive Dolphin Discovery programs now include this magical experience, where you will learn more about the giant manatees, their calm, lovely mood and how we take care of them. Our trainer will give you a brief explanation on their anatomy, their behaviors, the medical care and training. Then, a great encounter with the intelligent and funny dolphins! You will hug, kiss and watch the dolphins while they perform amazing behaviors with you.

Schedules – Sea Life Discovery Plus

Schedules: 11:00 AM

Duration of the manatee & dolphin program: 2 hours Gallery Sea Life Discovery Plus Gallery Sea Life Discovery Plus


* Dolphins – 10 people at a time, Dolphin Royal Swim interactive program, 1 hour (30 min orientation, 30 min in the water with the dolphins). Behaviors: handshake, kiss, dorsal toe, foot-push
* Manatees – 24 people at a time, 1 hour (30 min orientation, 30 min in the water with 3 manatees). Behaviors: kiss, pectoral welcome, Swim By Ventral, Swim By Dorsal. Brief explanation on medical and preventive care. Free time to snorkel with them
* Isla Discovery Tour – including round sea transportation Cancun-Isla Mujeres from Aquatours Marine
* Dolphin Royal Siwm
* Program meeting with manatees and now …
* program with sea lions

Not Included
* Photo & video or any other extra cost service provided at the location.

* The price does not include the $3.00 USD dock fee per participant and companions that must be paid at the time of registration
* Food and Drink


* Rates & schedules may vary depending on the date selected.

Additional Info

* Duration of the manatee & dolphin program: 2 hours (including orientations), the rest of the time you can enjoy the facilities at our location: swimming pool, restaurants, snacks & boutique
* Minimum age for participants is 8 years old or 4 ft height, and each child most be accompanied for a participating adult
* Children over 12 years old may participate on their own, without the company of an adult
* The use of safety vests is required for all participants in any of the Dolphin Discovery water programs
* Getting to the Dolphin Discovery location is very easy for tourists staying at the Island! Discovery Island is located at the southern point of the island facing Cancun. You just need to take a taxi at any spot of the island or outside your hotel you should find a taxi base. Ask the driver to take you to Dolphin Discovery dolphinarium. That way you will save $3.00 USD of dock fee!


* This family activity at Isla Mujeres has limited capacity, so we strongly recommend to reserve in advance
* It is important to be ahead of time for your program. 30 minutes before would be enough
* Bring towels, swimming suit and extra cash money for taxis, shopping, etc.
* Due to the care we take of the environment, it is only accepted biodegradable sun lotion and repellent of insects
* For safety reasons, pregnant women do not participate in any of our water programs
* If you have any physical or mental limitation, please contact us before booking

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